Success in recruitment is all about relationships.

More specifically, it’s about actively engaging with candidates, building up those relationships, and maintaining networks over time. Most recruiters understand this, but it’s far easier in theory than in practice.

Candidate relationship management (CRM) solutions are tools that offer a structured, strategic model for starting, nurturing, and maintaining relationships with potential candidates. The right CRM model can simplify many aspects of recruitment, freeing up time to focus on other parts of the process and resulting in better outcomes.

But not all solutions are created equal.

There’s a dizzying number of popular solutions out there, all with different approaches and features. And what works for one organization may not tick every box for another, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

In this entry to our technology capability guide series, we explore CRM solutions, how they can support talent acquisition (TA), and how you can choose the perfect platform to suit your business.

In the guide, you’ll find helpful information on a range of topics, including:

• An overview of CRMs and their role in modern TA
• Detailed vendor comparisons
• How to choose the best solution for your business.

Read the full guide today to learn everything you need to know about CRM platforms for TA.