Ongoing labor shortages and changing work patterns are posing challenges for organizations across industries – demanding them to face the crucial need to recruit and manage their workforce more intentionally. Talent acquisition (TA) and strategic workforce planning (SWP) are critical components.

Surprisingly, TA isn’t as involved in the process as you may expect. But it should be.

New research shows a significant gap in SWP adoption, with 58% of organizations rating poorly in workforce planning capabilities.

A recent report from The Conference Board, in partnership with Cielo, emphasizes the untapped potential of integrating TA into SWP. Based on insight from professionals, this research illuminates the many benefits of collaboration and offers varied integration approaches.

Key takeaways include:  

  • TA’s in-depth labor market knowledge greatly enhances the SWP process 
  • There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for effective integration
  • How businesses can use the numerous available data sources & tools to meet organizational goals 
  • Companies should apply proven talent acquisition solutions & strategies to improve the SWP process
  • CHROs play an important role in maximizing the benefits of a TA & SWP partnership 

Actively involving talent acquisition in strategic workforce planning will remain necessary for organizations to successfully navigate the complex contemporary landscape of work. 

Read the full report to unlock this powerful partnership today.