Talent is an organization's greatest asset as people cannot be replicated.

Today, many leaders understand the business impact of bringing in top talent – or not – but may not have a grasp on which approach to strategic talent acquisition is best for their organizations.

This report delves deep into three different talent acquisition models – Enterprise Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Hybrid RPO and In-house Recruitment – to describe the experiences of working with either an RPO partner or an in-house team.

While there are many benefits to working with an in-house team, the best RPO partners are able to build upon the capabilities of an in-house team in order to provide optimized solutions for every partner. These enhanced offerings include:

  • Dedicated talent acquisition team who is 100% focused on finding the best people for your organization. No distractions.
  • Full support and accountability from your RPO partner – this includes cutting-edge technology, staff development and thought leadership, and transparency in reporting.
  • Stewards of your employer brand. With the right partner, RPO is a “we are in this together” process.
  • Transformational change and constant innovation. Your RPO partner is fully dedicated, transparent, accountable and communicative.

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