A food service and facilities management provider faced significant talent challenges in their healthcare division with both candidate quantity and quality. The organization’s business model relies on proper staffing levels to meet client agreements, commonly requiring overtime pay to ensure there are enough onsite employees.

They realized their traditional hiring channels, online advertising and hiring events, prevented them from meeting the demand, inhibiting their growth. Cielo’s experience in healthcare hiring paired with its high-volume hiring solution made it a strong partner to support a talent acquisition approach for food service, housekeeping and environmental services roles in the healthcare setting.

Quality Talent in a Tight Labor Market
In the healthcare space, each employee can impact a patient’s experience and care delivery. Because of this, the organization focuses on hiring quality talent with the right level of emotional intelligence to handle the often stressful nature of someone’s time in a healthcare setting. The current labor market for hourly hiring is incredibly competitive, so winning quality talent away from the competition requires a quick and easy application and interview experience.

Consistent Experience in a Decentralized Structure
Fifty different locations housing hundreds of hiring managers required that a solution deliver a consistent process within a decentralized structure, with some customization based on location.

Cielo’s High Volume RPO, a service-enabled technology, facilitated this easier, consistent process for both candidates and hiring managers. Cielo’s leadership also provided the guidance and expertise to build standard processes to drive repeatable outcomes.

A High-Tech & High-Touch Approach
Cielo began the partnership by educating the organization’s hiring leaders on current labor market trends to set expectations on available talent and competitive hiring pressures. Together, the team worked to align on clear definitions and qualifications for each common role, as locations have unique terminology and expectations for their jobs.

To improve candidate flow and quality, Cielo updated the organization’s existing approach to make the attraction and application process quicker and mobile-optimized. Cielo’s High Volume RPO solution provided one integrated system to support hiring – from advertising, assessment, interview self-scheduling, to reporting. Programmatic advertising and a mobile-based application allowed the organization to geo-target desired candidates and quickly move them through to onsite interviews. The same mobile tool supported hiring managers in reviewing and accepting candidates for interviews based on assessment data points. Ongoing candidate nurturing and communication kept talent engaged, working to reduce drop-off.

Customized Service and Continuous Improvement
The partnership goes beyond providing the technology system to support candidates and hiring managers. Cielo also provides a service layer to ensure the right points of human interactions for all stakeholders, overall program management to improve ongoing processes, and experts to uncover and fix unique challenges at specific locations.

For example, during implementation the Cielo team quickly noticed two roadblocks slowing down the hiring process. First, hiring managers offered limited near-term availability for onsite interviews. The lack of options deterred quality candidates, and no-show rates for interviews increased dramatically when interviews were scheduled more than five days out. With coaching, Cielo showed hiring managers the importance of flexible calendars to compete for in-demand talent that may already be employed.

Once an interview was scheduled, the next challenge was working through the logistics for each location to ensure a candidate could get to the onsite interview. Some locations had onsite HR staff, while others didn’t. Cielo built two different sets of protocol to ensure that candidates and the responsible onsite party were prepared and informed for the interview. For candidates, this included highly detailed instructions for where to go, whom to ask for and where to wait. In large, complex hospitals, clear directions are critically important in getting the candidate to the right place, with a frustration-free experience.

These improvements to interview scheduling and onsite interview procedures kept the provider from losing candidates due to an inefficient process, saved money through expenses like advertising and saved hiring manager time through tech-enabled and service support.

A recruiting partnership built on a shared vision for change can transform your talent acquisition and improve results. Connect with us to discuss how to get started.