Cielo provides Smiths Group with a global, end-to-end RPO solution across all five Smiths divisions for c.1,200 hires per year in 27 countries.

The Challenge
In 2017, the global technology company Smiths Group was planning a phased relocation of a manufacturing site for its John Crane division in the Netherlands to the Olomouc region in the Czech Republic, close to one of its existing sites. Smiths was keen to commence recruiting activities on the six-month project as soon as possible, and turned to Cielo, its Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner since 2012.

The project necessitated hiring more than 40 executive, engineering and production roles (to strict deadlines) plus any eventual backfills. This included a number of niche manufacturing roles such as Production Engineers, Quality Engineers and Hydro Test Technicians. The local talent market in Olomouc was challenging, being subject to both a high level of competition for talent and wage inflation.

In partnership with Smiths, the requirement for Cielo was to deliver a local project to business-critical timelines, minimising potential challenges while still providing a highly competitive commercial offering.

The Solution
Given the competitive situation in the region, Cielo began by presenting detailed research on the Czech labour market, including in-depth information on, amongst other metrics, population, education, unemployment, earnings and migration.

Our team made the most of our local capability and market knowledge to provide candidate relationship-driven delivery from an embedded team, with permanent Czech-speaking recruiters on the ground, supported by Czech-speaking recruiters in our Budapest delivery centre.

Sourcing was carried out using our proprietary recruitment technology, SkyRecruit, and promoted via a number of channels including local radio and newspapers, plus branded email and flyer campaigns created with support from Cielo’s Brand & Digital team. All of these activities were further bolstered by the database of 1,500 individuals held within our existing talent pool for Smiths in the region, which gave us a head start in overcoming the highly competitive nature of the local labour market.

The Results
In partnership with Smiths, Cielo was able to directly source 100% of the required hires within the agreed timeframe.

Despite the relative complexity of the project, 533 applicants in total were successfully sourced, with more than 40 offers accepted, filling all the roles in scope plus three backfills resulting from internal moves from an existing Smiths site. Given the generally high time-to-hire seen in the Czech market, successfully completing the project on schedule represented a genuinely impressive result.

Our sourcing skills, local knowledge, Brand team expertise and proprietary recruitment technology together enabled us to help Smiths successfully set up a critically important new manufacturing site, with excellent feedback received from the client.

To hear more about Cielo's global partnership with Smiths Group, watch our video below.

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