Clean technologies are increasingly part of sustainability initiatives worldwide – making electric vehicles a priority for the automotive industry. Toyota, the world’s largest auto manufacturer, offers the most low- and zero-emissions vehicles, supporting its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. But assembling the workforce to uphold this commitment comes with its challenges. The manufacturer needed:

  • Technology support and expertise, particularly with Workday​
  • Over 700 technical roles filled at its initial battery manufacturing plant in North America
  • Better communication between hiring and recruitment teams

Cielo proved to be a great match for Toyota: a flexible, seamless extension to the company’s TA team that protects the brand and provides top-tier experiences for all. Initially partnering in 2020 as one of three hybrid Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers, Toyota selected Cielo in 2022 as its first-ever dedicated RPO partner.

Setting the roadmap for success

Cielo’s talent acquisition experts smoothly integrated with the internal hiring team to deliver strategic solutions the Toyota way. Sourcing and screening provided more quality candidates and an accelerated hiring lifecycle, thanks to Cielo’s modular RPO offering, TA Optimizers™. With co-accountability at heart, the team:

  • Supported agility and scale across a diverse role landscape
  • Completed multiple scope expansions to provide additional support
  • Provided consumer-grade experiences for hiring managers and candidates

Toyota also worked with Cielo’s technology consulting group to revamp its Workday software. The team:

  • Created a more user-friendly experience
  • Developed Workday learning resources
  • Provided extensive Workday consultancy and training

Driving change, together

Expectations, exceeded. Toyota values the satisfaction of all involved in the recruitment process – and its revamped hiring strategy shows that better hiring procedures create better experiences. Cielo’s industry expertise and best practices led to:

  • Surpassed targets for time to offer and time to hire 
  • 26,000+ applicants reviewed​
  • 2,500+ candidates hired​
  • 2,000+ hiring manager interviews​
  • 95% of new hires feeling the hiring process was quick and easy​
  • 97% of new hires feeling communication was timely and informative ​
  • 98% of new hires being satisfied with the recruitment process

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