The life sciences, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have the task of guiding the world out of the global pandemic and ensuring a promising future trajectory for those affected. Not only are these companies charged with caring for their impacted communities, creating, testing, distributing and administrating treatments and vaccines, but they also found themselves up against the same internal challenges most organizations did - trying to quickly adapt to the business impacts the pandemic had on all companies and their workforces. 

Crucial to their success was making sure they became more agile and tech-enabled, to not only support remote working, but to advance product innovations and deployment at speeds never seen before. 

So how did they manage to achieve this? 

The common theme behind this cause was their people. Talent acquisition (TA) within life sciences, healthcare and pharmaceuticals evolved at great pace. From internal mobility to creating new roles that simply did not exist before the pandemic, TA has been the driving force behind this momentous change and achievement. 

Discover through our interactive infographic how Cielo worked together in partnership with our clients, from research to recovery, to ensure that they could flex and scale in response to demand and switch to a virtually led talent acquisition strategy to attract and retain the best talent.