In today’s technology-based world of human resources, talent acquisition leaders are inundated by countless different vendors touting a dizzying array of silver-bullet solutions. With HR and TA continuing to change and evolve faster than ever, the recruiting technology landscape is likewise changing rapidly as new companies and products enter the space.

To help you easily evaluate solutions that can drive business outcomes across the six critical stages of the recruitment process, Cielo has created the Recruiting Tech Navigator. Using this interactive site, you can quickly explore and compare more than 200 tech vendors and their capabilities based on the stage in the process you’re seeking to improve.

The Recruiting Process

Key Site Features:

  • Vendor profiles include concise product explanations to help you understand how their capabilities and areas of expertise match your needs
  • Detailed category filters to help you narrow in on specific areas of focus
  • Quick links for more information, including funding status, social profiles and contact details

It’s important to understand and evaluate the options available for your talent acquisition team’s needs. This site will help you build a fundamental understanding of vendors and their capabilities to put you in control of your search for the right solution.

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