Procurement teams are both value and outcome drivers for organizations. They’re responsible for seeking and establishing strong relationships with external vendors that have a significant impact on a company’s ability to realize business goals in a cost-effective way.

For talent acquisition, finding the right external partners who can flex and scale with your business demands is increasingly important as talent markets get more dynamic. Leading procurement teams are exploring the value a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner can provide to improve the quality and efficiency of their TA programs and spend.

This whitepaper is a guide to help procurement teams understand how an RPO partner can improve the performance and efficiency of their organization’s talent acquisition function and lead an effective RFI or RFP process to make a confident investment in an external partner.

No investment has a greater impact on a company's bottom line than the one it makes in its people. This piece outlines how procurement can ensure their company’s talent strategy maximizes the ROI.   

Download “Procurement Guide to RPO: Sourcing a Talent Acquisition Provider” to learn:

  • Understanding dynamic risk to evaluate this unique outsourced service
  • Different RPO partnership models and the key benefits of each
  • Top five mistakes procurement teams should avoid for a successful RFP process
  • Critical insights for being a strong business partner to TA