Most talent professionals believe we’re already in some form of the next major change event.

Global events have human resources (HR) and talent acquisition (TA) leaders on a roller coaster of change – and that’s unlikely to slow anytime soon. The ability to embrace agility and new technologies will allow businesses to prepare for these shifts, turning challenges into opportunities.

To craft daring talent acquisition solutions, it's helpful to examine the past and hear firsthand how leaders met the moment in periods of fluctuation. For example, agility – fueled by dissolving established siloes – is an invaluable legacy of the pandemic.

This report includes real-world advice and 11 observations from senior HR/TA leaders across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. In it, you’ll learn how to keep pace with the dynamic world of work and gain:

  • macroeconomic and job trends impacting TA for specific geographies
  • lessons on the difference between past and current change events
  • recommendations on how the industry is evolving at pace

"TA – through access to market intelligence and AI – has a real opportunity to become a true talent partner to the organization." – Iris Zhou, Head of Talent Acquisition – APAC, Bayer

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