Organisations want to build strong and trusted relationships with their search partners and are more discerning nowadays about the type of firms they want to partner with. The search industry is moving forward and no longer operates in a transactional manner, but operates as a true partner, providing high calibre advice and the added value that forms the basis of the partnership.  

Executive search partners also need to be fast-moving and agile and be able to combine traditional, proven methodology, with the latest technology and data-driven insights. Technology and cutting-edge research techniques enable search partners to take market insights and intelligence to a whole new level. 

In this short video, Luc Gaillet, HR Director Marketing & Strategy, Smiths Detection discusses his partnership with Cielo Executive Search (CES) starting with his own first-hand experience of being placed in his current role by the CES team and how an organisation should build a successful executive search partnership by addressing the following questions: 

  • How have you found working with Cielo? 
  • How does Cielo Executive Search compare with other providers? 
  • How do you see the relationship with Cielo Executive Search evolving over time? 
  • What is an integral part of building a solid partnership with an Executive Search provider? 
  • When you tell your executive team about the success of the Cielo partnership which examples do you share?