HR is undergoing a period of rapid change, driven in large part by ongoing advances in tech.
The scope has shifted from a traditionally administrative role to one that’s more transformative and business critical – and the best leaders are preparing for what’s next. 
How are HR professionals adapting to this new era of digital transformation?
HRO Today’s latest report, sponsored by Cielo, answers this question and offers practical advice from HR professionals and leading global organizations. They share how they’re adapting to embrace and thrive in an era of new demands.
Over 75% of HR executives globally are redefining roles and responsibilities, and 64% plan to invest in technology tools. 
In the report, you’ll find detailed insights and discussion of some of the most pressing topics in the HR industry today, including:
• What it takes to rate your HR function and become a high-efficacy team in a changing world
• The major concerns, priorities, and areas of investment for HR professionals now and ahead
• How priorities and predictions vary across different regions and industries globally
Now is the time to rise to the occasion: Read the full report to learn how to create a bright future for your organization during this historic digital transformation. 



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