As the healthcare industry continues to evolve from a fee-for-service to value-based care model, one nationally recognized health plan provider is on the front lines of providing innovative wellness programs to deliver on its mission to improve health every day.

Up against a tight state-mandated deadline, the provider turned to Cielo to meet the elevated hiring demands required to participate in a new Medicaid managed care program.

When the state launched its program, this provider was awarded a contract to be a part of the solution to serve more than 200,000 individuals with complex care needs. To participate, the provider needed to hire 300 nurses, social workers, claims processors and pharmacists within 200 days.

Understanding the state-mandated timeline, and that competitors were looking to attract the same regional talent, this provider knew it needed to quickly flood the market with brand messages that positioned it as the employer of choice. It looked to a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution, ultimately choosing Cielo based on the organization’s healthcare and insurance industry expertise, along with its proven ability to quickly build and launch brand-centric talent acquisition solutions.

Cielo fully implemented a comprehensive solution within eight weeks, assembling a team of experienced healthcare recruiters. This solution included Cielo’s Impression Center, to provide an outstanding candidate experience, and Cielo’s Bridge Pre-Employment team, which ensured strict compliance and a positive new hire experience. With an aligned philosophy of “One Team, One Goal,” this provider and Cielo successfully guaranteed participation in the state’s new Medicaid program.


  • Hired more than 300 FTEs within the set timeline to meet the state’s requirements for program participation
  • Sustained 96% new hire satisfaction through a personalized recruitment and onboarding experience
  • Achieved 100% hiring manager satisfaction
  • Implemented a curated mix of technology tools to create a consumer-grade candidate experience
  • Increased employer brand awareness within the targeted talent market
  • Completed 1,800+ phone interviews and reviewed 1,100 recorded interviews to build a pipeline of qualified talent
  • Accomplished a 97% first-call resolution rate for candidate and applicant inquiries 

Market Insight Drives Talent Strategy
Based on experience, Cielo understood that a critical step to driving quick success was detailed market mapping to recognize demographic and workforce dynamics across the state before launch. Rather than waste time and money with a singular strategy, the Cielo team consulted with the provider on forecasted trouble spots and created a multi-dimensional picture of the market and the business case for increased compensation packages in several regions to remain competitive.

Finding the Right Culture Fit
Even with a competitive benefits package, finding community care nurses is a challenge. Providing care to populations with chronic and complex health conditions and mental health or developmental disabilities is a true calling. The Cielo recruitment team’s expertise in patient-centric organizations allowed it to attract, source and engage candidates with the right culture fit to work at the organization and provide exceptional care.

High-Tech & High-Touch Experience
The provider’s parent company had a recognized brand name and great reputation in the market, but the plan it was offering was new to the region and competing for the same talent against four other providers with major national brands. Forging a strong employer brand and candidate experience was critical to building its recognition and reputation as an employer of choice. The team paired the thoughtful use of technology with human touchpoints to design an engaging hiring experience representative of the messages being spread through a broad range of communication channels. In partnership with the provider’s marketing team, the recruitment team created new resources for all Cielo candidate outreach and recruitment marketing efforts, including having a careers page link added to the statewide press release announcing the provider’s new healthcare plan.

A recruiting partnership built on a shared vision for change can transform your talent acquisition and improve results. Connect with us to discuss how to get started.