Talent acquisition has undergone a seismic shift over the past decade – and especially in the last year. No longer a back-office function, it is a strategic endeavor and business priority. To equip talent leaders with the insights and best practices needed to meet expectations and deliver results, Cielo presents the “Guide to Talent Acquisition for the Future.”

This series, created with renowned industry analyst Josh Bersin, allows you to curate your own personalized set of reports that break down six essential components of future-proofed TA: talent planning, candidate generation, assessment and matching, candidate selection and offer, onboarding, and reporting and analytics. Download the entire six-part series to better understand the challenges, trends, and best practices at every stage of the TA process or choose which reports best suit your company's unique needs and priorities to receive a custom collection.

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The six components of talent acquisition.

Talent Planning: How to Utilize Market Insights for Talent Acquisition Efficiency

You will learn:
  • Four key strategy problems you can solve with talent planning
  • Seven best practices for implementing data-driven insights into your TA process
  • Lessons from two case studies of organizations that achieved results using strategic talent planning
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Beyond Sourcing: Candidate Generation for Talent Acquisition

You will learn:
  • How the three components of candidate generation work together to attract and engage prospective employees
  • Key questions to evaluate your current approach to building candidate pools
  • Best practices from organizations with leading candidate generation programs
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Improving Hiring Outcomes with Assessments and Matching

You will learn:
  • The hiring conditions today that make assessments and matching critical
  • How to implement leading assessment and matching methods to improve hiring outcomes and candidate experience
  • Two case studies that showcase how assessments and matching improve time-to-fill, boost candidate diversity and increase application completion rates
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Winning Top Talent with Your Selection and Offer Strategy

You will learn:
  • Roles and responsibilities, best practices and how to measure success during the selection and offer phase
  • How new conditions have impacted the selection and offer process as well as updated practices to follow
  • A case study showcasing how speed and agility during interviewing and offers enabled an organization to capture more talent in a competitive field
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Onboarding Experiences for New Hire Engagement

You will learn:
  • Best practices throughout the onboarding process, including technology, roles and responsibilities
  • How to adjust onboarding processes in response to the challenges created by remote and hybrid work models
  • Two case studies highlighting onboarding experiences that balance technology with human touch to improve hiring outcomes
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Measuring Recruitment Impact with Reporting and Analytics

You will learn:
  • A maturity model for building a successful reporting and analytics strategy
  • How to select the right measures of success for TA outcomes
  • A list of core competencies required for a data analyst function
  • Two case studies showcasing the impact of improved reporting and analytics
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