In a world filled with artificial intelligence and automation, there are many opportunities to improve talent acquisition processes. But TA technology can be difficult to implement or produces lackluster results – making recruiters skeptical about its value and performance. Recruitment teams need tools that’ll enhance the candidate experience, smooth inefficiencies for recruiters, and produce better outcomes overall.

Cielo Source & Engage, part of the Digital Accelerators™ suite, delivers just that. With this automated intelligent tool, leading organizations are finding it easier than ever to source, match, engage and schedule qualified talent while prioritizing experiences for all.

The best talent, at recruiters' fingertips

With Cielo Source & Engage, recruiters get tech they can truly rely on and a steady supply of the best talent. It’s not just another sourcing tool. The difference?

  • Intuitive aggregation of sourcing needs to quickly find and engage 10%+ more top-tier candidates
  • Integrated insights in one place to gain crucial market intel and DEI data
  • 5x more efficient automated sourcing and scheduling gives recruiters time to focus on creating meaningful connections
  • Shrinks time-to-fill thanks to more effective hiring manager collaboration
  • Better experiences for recruiters and candidates to not waste anyone’s time

“I’m really impressed with how many people it sourced in very little time.”
– Recruiter at a prominent academic medical center

“It was finding the right fits and then the individuals that scheduled with me…I was excited to talk to them.”
– Recruiter at a global travel insurance company

“I was excited to speak to the candidates the tool found.”
– Recruiter at a leading global healthcare company

Candidate-centric features meet personalized engagement

The right talent isn’t always looking for a new role – and hard-to-use technology doesn’t tip the scales. Cielo Source & Engage eliminates the headache, converting passive talent into enthusiastic applicants with:

  • An interactive, candidate-centric experience that’s easy to navigate
  • Personalized insights and outreach, so candidates feel seen
  • Self-screening that eliminates the dreaded wait for contact
  • Guaranteed one-on-one recruiter interaction allows candidates to shine
  • Job and salary details, upfront – because everyone loves transparency

“The best experience – engaged because it was smooth, quick and efficient.”
– Passive candidate

“Super, super user friendly. Honestly, it was the easiest one of all the tools we use.”
– Recruiter at a global travel insurance company

“Pretty slick. Easy to use.”
– Recruiter at a prominent academic medical center

Cutting-edge innovation today and beyond

Cielo’s commitment to innovation and delivering impactful TA results means there’s more to come in the Digital Accelerators™ suite. A wider rollout of Cielo Source & Engage is planned as well as upcoming products that’ll allow talent leaders to gain actionable insights and leverage generative AI to scale data analysis, predict accurate churn, create job descriptions, optimize TA advertising, and much more.

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