By Matt Jones, Chief Product Officer, and Felix Wetzel, Vice President – Product Management

Despite the hype around generative AI (GenAI), many organizations still can’t define or prioritize its positive impact on HR and talent acquisition. So while 55% of organizations have increased investment in GenAI since its rise in popularity, only 4% of investment is going to HR functions, according to a recent Gartner poll.

But think about it: talent leaders are consistently under pressure to gain a competitive edge and produce better outcomes, fast. Generative AI delivers both.

While HR and TA haven’t seen a major impact from AI yet, it’s coming. Cielo has worked with clients and its own experts to build and test a range of AI solutions, custom-trained for talent acquisition.

With over a year of design, feedback and refinement, a new set of industry principles for responsible AI use emerged. Informed by those principles, we’ve developed, piloted and proven a GenAI-based solution, built for talent acquisition – all to bring you tangible benefits and provide better talent experiences for all.

“In a competitive, noisy market with many emerging, and sometimes unproven, methodologies and technologies, Cielo has established a responsible approach to artificial intelligence in human resources & talent acquisition. At Cielo, their data scientists, engineers, and talent acquisition experts collaborate to improve GenAI models, assess data for relevancy and accuracy, and operate in a secure environment, thus contributing to an enhanced experience for their clients and candidates. They are not only navigating the landscape but also handsomely contributing to its future development," says Arkadev Basak, Partner at Everest Group.


“At Cielo ... they are not only navigating the landscape but also handsomely contributing to its future development.”

– Arkadev Basak, Partner at Everest Group


AI in HR: The case for specialized GenAI for talent acquisition

Anyone who’s used modern GenAI knows off-the-shelf platforms like ChatGPT-4 are incredibly powerful. But there are crucial limitations and risks associated with AI in HR that TA professionals must consider.

Limitations & hazards

The major AI platforms are generalists. While trained on enormous data sets, they aren’t designed with talent acquisition in mind. They have limited applications when it comes to highly specific, experience-driven tasks and they don’t have oversight from industry experts.

There are also potential risks involved in using large, open platforms for specific and sensitive tasks. The data they access is often unverified and can lead to errors, which can be disastrous. Since talent acquisition teams regularly deal with sensitive and personal data, using open platforms is at best irresponsible, and at worst non-compliant or even illegal.

Mitigating the risks

To get glowing results from generative AI in the workplace, talent professionals need platforms specifically refined by collaborative teams of data scientists, engineers, and TA experts. They’ll help build prompts and training platforms with relevant, verified data that’s intentionally collected. This oversight and high-quality data improves both the usefulness and accuracy of outputs.

When it comes to data security, using a foundational model in a secure environment – a private cloud – is best to run AI-based platforms. This reduces the risk of data breaches and prevents sensitive information from entering the open, generic platforms to keep client and candidate information safe.

“We've seen GenAI revolutionize how we engage with talent, allowing us to create personalized experiences at scale. This creates a more intuitive, tailored user experience and enables employers to identify top talent faster, accelerate time to fill, and reduce costs. This is a safe and secure ChatGPT just for talent strategy," says Rick Rosario, Vice President – Client Services at Cielo

People-centric design: Cielo’s design principles of AI in HR

Amid the noise, Cielo has developed five design principles of AI in HR and talent acquisition. These highlight the most important considerations for clients and candidates:

  1. Offer tangible outcomes: HR tech is oversaturated. Buyers want clear solutions – seamlessly integrated into their existing systems – with tangible outcomes.
  2. Prioritize user experience: Effective AI solutions must prioritize user experience for candidates and recruiters.
  3. Retain human expertise: The most successful companies and AI solutions will enhance – not eclipse – the human element of talent acquisition.
  4. Provide actionable insights: Most companies have data but lack insight. Truly impactful AI solutions must distill targeted, actionable insights from data sets.
  5. Facilitate inclusivity: Inherent biases exist at every level of hiring. AI for HR should mitigate these biases and make hiring more inclusive.

Cielo aims to establish these principles industry wide, so businesses can optimize their talent strategies with the best AI solutions.


“This is an exciting time for AI in HR, with Cielo leading the charge.”

– Kevin Wheeler, Founder of The Future of Talent Institute


We understand the potential of AI in HR along with its challenges and risks. Cielo is dedicated to upholding strict standards around eliminating harm, retaining full transparency and accountability, and using our expertise to constantly reevaluate and iterate to ensure the best outcomes for employers, recruiters and candidates.


The world’s first generative AI for talent acquisition is here.

Based on feedback from talent acquisition leaders and continuous testing, is the latest addition to Cielo’s Digital Accelerators™ suite. This intelligent tool uses large language models and relevant data sets – including job ads and resumes – to analyze themes and gaps, swiftly moving through the hiring process. It’s accurate and consistent. Prep time goes down and communication goes up for recruiters across the entire talent acquisition process – naturally creating a positive experience for candidates.

“Cielo has transformed AI in HR & TA, perfecting AI models to yield more accurate data, higher security, and an unmatched experience for clients and candidates. takes the technology to the next level, improving candidate screening and presentation. This is an exciting time for AI in HR, with Cielo leading the charge," says Kevin Wheeler, Founder of The Future of Talent Institute.

Built-in TA-trained prompts allow users to go beyond the limits of standard GenAI tools and maximize each multi-use case – in the language recruiters understand. Powered by leading TA professionals, works with existing tech stacks and workflows. The tool and prompts are designed with input from Cielo’s ED&I experts to enhance the inclusive element and mitigate bias. It syncs to an organization's tone of voice, matches DEI guidelines and other hiring policies, giving teams more time to engage and hire talent – all in a safe and secure environment.

The future is now. Find out how streamlines the entire TA process and achieves your recruiting goals, faster.