This global industrial technology organization is a pioneer in innovation of advanced materials. They have been at the forefront of creating materials-science, wear-resistant, and tooling solutions for clients across the aeronautical, metallurgy, power & energy, transportation & engineering sectors for more than 75 years.

They support customers in more than 60 countries who expect innovation and precise, efficient manufacturing. They employ more than 10,000 employees to help their clients and remain the leader in innovation.

Client Challenge

The organisation is always on the lookout for the best talent in production roles, like machine operators and productions leads, and professional roles, like sales engineers and analysts, across different markets. Top talent is needed to remain the innovative leader in their industry. In APAC, their key markets include China, India, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea.

Historically they used an incumbent Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner providing services in some of these countries. They did not implement a standardized program, which resulted in different processes for each country. This lack of consistency limited innovation and reduced flexibility and scalability of their talent acquisition function.

As a second-generation RPO buyer, the organisation sought an RPO partner who could solve their global and regional governance challenges. They selected Cielo as their global RPO partner in Q4 2019 to support end-to-end recruitment for manufacturing, production, engineering and corporate roles.

Their leaders valued the Cielo team’s understanding of their industry and their organizational cultural. Most importantly, as the business was looking to make a switch from their original RPO provider, they trusted that Cielo could support the company’s continued innovation to position them as an employer of choice in all markets.

Creating a Winning Global Talent Acquisition Solution

The client and Cielo teams designed a globally aligned TA model that is both high-touch and flexible, with APAC delivery teams in key locations like India, China, and Singapore. Cielo’s Manila Delivery Centre provides shared support services including sourcing, coordination, reporting and analytics, market research and talent mapping.

Regional and global leadership ensures a globally consistent and locally nuanced service. Thorough planning and research, like voice of customer and process mapping workshops, allows the team to align an agile solution to different business units with a high focus on hiring manager and candidate experience.

The teams worked together to redesign existing recruitment processes in each region to ensure best practices, with a series of candidate attraction activities that amplified the employer brand.

Cielo used the clients existing CRM technology along with Cielo proprietary technology SkyRecruit for candidate outreach with branded campaigns and proactive candidate talent pools for the various countries and skill sets.

Strategic Partnership and Talent Consulting

A truly strategic partnership requires flexibility, innovative thinking and proactive scalability. Cielo implemented a robust governance cadence to ensure regular communication and review with all stakeholders. This includes regular performance reporting through Cielo’s SkyAnalytics platform and monthly and quarterly reviews with HR and business stakeholders.

Cielo’s proprietary tools with the clients technology ecosystem enables a seamless, real-time flow of data for things like inventory, recruitment ratios, talent pipelines and requisition stages. Cielo also reports on quality parameters like interview-to-offer ratio and acceptance rates – with detailed analysis and insights to HR and the business.

Thanks to the flexibility of the team structure, Cielo successfully supported the business with temporarily reduced recruitment demand due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. At the same time, the team quickly shifted to support increased hiring volume in some markets, like Vietnam.

This flexible and agile approach has helped Cielo and our clients TA team stay focused on and aligned to dynamic business needs through the pandemic. The team maintains productivity and high levels of candidate engagement in a virtual world.  

Delivery Impact: 

The partnership features a relentless focus on enhanced service quality. The results have included reduced response times to candidates, increased efficiency through automation and a high degree of hiring manager and candidate engagement. Highlights from the partnership’s first year include:

  • Reduced time to offer from 55 days to 29 days
  • Reduced time to submit first candidate from 15 days to 12 days
  • Improved quality of candidates sourced resulting in the interview to offer ratio of 1.3:1 
  • Secured high levels of confidence from the HR and business stakeholders


A recruiting partnership built on a shared vision for change can transform your talent acquisition and improve results. Connect with us to discuss how to get started.