Current labor market conditions have left many employers worried that there simply is not enough talent available to staff their organizations. In fact, the latest U.S. Chamber of Commerce data shows 11.3 million job openings nationwide but just 6 million unemployed workers, a pattern that has persisted over months.

Within the current talent crunch, however, lies a unique opportunity for organizations: to start engaging with candidates who have been historically excluded from the hiring process in the best but have valuable skillsets to offer to employers.

To better understand these communities and the strategies that could bring them into the fold, Cielo and Human Resource Executive present our latest e-book, “Finding Opportunity in Underrepresented Talent Pools.” This resource outlines insights from a recent survey on employer hiring practices as well as recommendations from Cielo Senior Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Program Lead Jacquese Brown and Executive Vice President Tara Cassady.

Learn about underrepresented talent pools including veterans, career changers, neurodiverse individuals, the post-incarcerated and the technology-averse, and receive guidance on:

  • Creating compelling job descriptions that invite more applicants
  • Building sound DEI partnerships to attract diverse candidates
  • The growing use of training programs to upskill employees

Employers who can successfully recruit and hire these important workforce segments will win the competition for talent. Download the e-book to start putting together your plan.