The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) industry is continually evolving to support changing talent acquisition needs and expectations through improved services, enhanced value propositions, and unique business models.

TA leaders found immense value in collaborating with their RPO partners amid the unforeseen and rapid changes brought on by the pandemic. Leaders utilizing an RPO model swiftly adapted their organizations to remote hiring and scaled to respond to dramatic fluctuations in hiring.

This environment accelerated the development of RPO 4.0: a more dynamic, reliable and agile model that will shape the future of talent acquisition delivery, especially as workforces remain more distributed. The report “Recruitment Process Outsourcing 4.0: Heralding a New Era” explores the key levers that make up the RPO 4.0 model and describes how the RPO industry will form the new era of talent acquisition solutions.

Created by global consulting and research firm Everest Group, this research will help you learn:

  • Emerging trends driving the RPO 4.0 evolution and increased market adoption
  • How RPO 4.0 will deliver transformative value to talent acquisition functions & companies
  • Holistic metrics for measuring ROI and realizing the full benefits of this new model

RPO 4.0 will create transformative value for organizations that invest in the RPO model – no matter their industry or location. Download your copy to learn how this new evolution of RPO will help solve talent acquisition-related challenges to achieve business success.


This in-depth report delves into three different talent acquisition models – Enterprise Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Hybrid RPO, High-Volume RPO, Total Talent Acquisition and In-house Recruitment – to describe the experiences of working with...

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