A member of Ascension Health, Carondelet Health has two acute care hospitals in Kansas City, MO. Carondelet’s decentralized recruitment process was not equipped to handle escalating employment challenges. Labor costs were high, hiring was sporadic and the system’s hospitals suffered from chronic open nursing positions. HR leaders sought a way to reduce costs while increasing the quality and quantity of candidates.

Cielo partnered with Carondelet Health to streamline the recruitment process and develop key HR metrics to help Carondelet Health meet its workforce projections. Critical components of the solution:

  • A new Applicant Tracking System streamlined and standardized the requisition and application process and improved communication with candidates
  • A recruitment marketing plan led to a robust pipeline of active and passive candidates for all open positions
  • Joint communication and training efforts with Carondelet’s HR team led to system-wide acceptance of the new recruitment process

For hard-to-fill nursing vacancies, Cielo created a specific recruitment marketing plan focused on:

  • Using social media to develop a passive candidate pipeline by building a talent community of interested prospects through social media sites, targeted Facebook advertising and actively participating in online associations.
  • Innovative sourcing via data mining, niche job advertising, licensure lists and targeted media blitzes.
  • Establishment of a task force with Carondelet Health’s HR and nursing leaders to build Carondelet’s employer brand with local nursing schools in order to enhance graduate recruitment efforts and reduce nursing turnover.

Carondelet Health met its objectives and experienced benchmark results:

  • 51% increase in candidate quality
  • 70% decrease in time-to-fill
  • 24% increase in nursing hires
  • 34% decrease in ratio of separations to hires

Cielo generated an immediate, bottom line impact through the education partnership and its cost-effective, proactive social media campaign.

A recruiting partnership built on a shared vision for change can transform your talent acquisition and improve results. Connect with us to discuss how to get started.