Client Challenge:

Dialog Semiconductor (Dialog) provide highly integrated standard and custom mixed-signal integrated circuits, optimized for smartphone, computing, IoT, LED solid state lighting, and smart home applications. They operate in a highly niche industry segment requiring very specialised and sophisticated engineering, technology and RnD Talent in APAC, this presents a challenge when hiring in tight labour markets in North Asia such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and South East Asia like Singapore, and Thailand. Cielo has been Dialog’s global talent acquisition partner since 2011. In APAC, Dialog wanted to setup their manufacturing partnerships and technology design centres and for this, it was critical for them to have a robust talent acquisition strategy to attract the best talent for their hard to fill technical and engineering roles.

Though Dialog have their own entities across APAC, they outsource their manufacturing process to other partners in regions such as Taiwan and China. For Cielo, this meant deploying a talent acquisition team that knew the local markets well and have the cultural agility to manage relationships with hiring managers and other stakeholders based in different parts of the world. The solution needed to flex and scale with the changing business conditions and hiring volumes and be aligned with global processes and best practices.

Cielo Solution:

Cielo provided a robust global talent acquisition global solution which included the creation of standard processes, the adoption of new technology and development of governance frameworks, all of which took into account regional nuances. Cielo deployed a team of resourcing experts who have rich semiconductor, engineering and technology sector experience. Our shared delivery centres in Asia provide additional support required for spikes in recruitment demand, thus ensuring that Dialog has the ability to meet its talent and business goals at all times.

Cielo worked in partnership with Dialog to:

  • Build a robust recruitment process and strategy in APAC to ensure there is continued best practice across the talent acquisition lifecycle
  • Develop candidate attraction plans, with an emphasis on attracting passive talent pools in the industry and elevate Dialog's employer brand in North Asia
  • Leverage Cielo’s TalentCloud technology to complement Dialog's applicant tracking system, to fill and engage with talent pools, to enable candidates to self-schedule interviews and create branded candidate attraction campaigns
  • Help Dialog with global research and talent mapping, helping them choose the best location for their global design centre, Taiwan.

Delivering Results:

  • Cielo have managed hiring at all levels in the enterprise from graduate engineers to Vice Presidents and Country managers in China, Korea, and Taiwan
  • 100% of sales hiring through direct sourcing
  • High proportion of hiring in Japan through direct sourcing  
  • Established a strong Talent Mapping process and governance to continuously refresh and expand prospective talent in this niche industry
  • Built strong business partner relationships with Hiring Managers by consulting on market trends, competitor analysis and talent supply and demand
  • Reduced agency use from over 80% to less than 5%
  • Time to Fill reduced by 20 to 40% across locations and role types
  • 98% hires exceed 6 months productivity target