When trying to find, engage and hire the best talent, organizations have the choice of either relying on their internal talent acquisition team or partnering with a recruitment outsourcer. This new video features some of the recruitment industry’s most respected analysts sharing the benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

“RPO solves the question that many companies have of ‘How can we recruit better, faster, smarter?’” says Zachary Misko of the HRO Today Services and Technology Association. “It’s kind of like riding a bike – you get training wheels, you fall down a lot, and you learn by experience. The opportunity to engage with an RPO provider means that you might not need to start with training wheels.”

Kyle Lagunas of IDC says that for organizations that want a high-quality, branded candidate experience that aligns with their talent acquisition strategy and business objectives, RPO isn’t just nice to have, “it’s a critical capability.”

Lagunas also says partnering with an RPO provider is how organizations can keep up with the breakneck pace at which talent acquisition is evolving by keeping up with technology trends and emerging best practices.

You’ll also hear some examples of the difference RPO makes, including Cielo’s Impression Center and Bridge pre-employment team, which offer concierge service to candidates as they go through the interview and onboarding processes.

Other analysts in the video include Vishal Gupta of Everest Group, Gerry Crispin on CareerXroads and Gary Bragar of NelsonHall.


Hear from some of the recruiting industry’s most respected analysts as they share the attributes that make for a strong Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner. The focus must be on true strategic benefits, including recruitment technology that a...

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