In its relatively brief history, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has evolved from focusing on tactical moves to offering organizations more long-term, strategic benefits. Instead of concentrating solely on direct and measurable results like cost reduction and process efficiency, RPO providers have become experts in leveraging technology such as artificial intelligence that can truly transform a talent acquisition function.

RPO will continue in this direction and continue to increase in strategic value to organizations who use it by blending technology expertise with the ability to maintain meaningful personal interaction, according to the recruitment industry analysts featured in this new video.

“Utilizing technology to automate more and more of the process is inevitable,” said China Gorman, Managing Director America for Unleash. “Those RPOs who manage to keep the human element alive are the ones that will persist. The human relationships are becoming more and more important, and for many people they are the differentiator.”

Cielo has made this a pillar of our strategy, using technology to automate certain labor-intensive tasks that keep recruiters and hiring managers from focusing on finding, engaging, and hiring the best talent.

“Cielo’s focus on creating next-generation capabilities weaved around technology, innovation and human experience has really enabled it to stay ahead of the competition,” said Vishal Gupta, Practice Director for Everest Group.

Another area of focus for RPO will be the gig economy, which has given rise to more contingent workers and flexible arrangements. RPOs must know how to appeal to these workers and plan for their inclusion and impact.

Other analysts featured in this video include Kyle Lagunas, Research Manager of Emerging Trends & Technologies – Talent Acquisition & Staffing Services for IDC, and Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research Partners.


Hear from some of the recruiting industry’s most respected analysts as they explain the benefits Recruitment Process Outsourcing, which offers the latest in recruitment technology as well as a high-quality employer brand and candidate experience. Featu...

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