By Leslee Kress, Vice President – Global Implementation

An estimated 97 million new jobs will be created by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum. Couple that with the challenges of an ever-shrinking talent population, and it’s clear: your talent acquisition program must adapt and flex to create a sustainable workforce.

But doing this requires the resources and consistency needed to craft a winning approach to talent – which can be difficult to achieve without additional expertise. Working with an external talent acquisition partner can help you reach your TA goals quicker and more effectively while keeping company goals top of mind throughout the transformation. The right collaborator understands your vision and will ensure glowing experiences for TA leaders, program teams, and ultimately, all employees.

To protect the company’s investment and achieve TA success, read on to learn about four ways you’ll benefit from a committed TA partner:

  1. In-depth discovery
    It’s important to take the time to conduct extensive research – and a best-in-class TA partner knows this. They’ll help you examine existing processes to understand what needs to change and how. One way is by asking your key internal stakeholders for feedback around pain points and what’s working well, allowing your team to focus their time and energy where most needed. Your partner will also provide a more holistic view by gathering the latest economic and industry trends, competitive insights, and other research.

  2. Alignment to organizational strategy
    It’s not only about hiring talent. It’s about aligning your organizational strategy and recruitment approach to successfully hire the bright talent that achieves business goals. Seek a TA expert that understands the nuances of your industry and the regions you support – serving as an invaluable foundation as they get to know your company on a deeper level and what makes it stand out. This will ensure all program components fully align with local, regional and global strategic objectives.

  3. Establishment of continuity
    This is one of the most important aspects, but many leaders overlook the importance of a seamless transition when implementing a new or next-generation talent program. A strategic TA partner ensures all of your work to achieve stakeholder buy-in and alignment on a vision is thoughtfully communicated and shifted from one team to the next – from sales to implementation to operationalization. In the end, this gives time back to everyone to focus on business-critical tasks.

  4. Regular analysis
    Work isn’t complete once your new TA solution launches. An ideal collaborator will continue to provide meaningful feedback regarding your shared standards – asking whether goals are being met and if there are other opportunities now that the TA vision is fulfilled. Yes, TA partners are expected to meet or exceed current goals. But look for one that’s forward-thinking. One that will work with you to determine how to continually advance your talent acquisition program.

Your vision for a best-in-class TA strategy requires thoughtful consideration of what’s important to the company – from the perspective of both hiring leaders and the business as a whole. When working with a dedicated partner, you’re on a journey together. One that’ll help you gain meaningful results by taking time for discovery, broader alignment, clear communication, and ongoing examination.


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