Social and economic conditions are driving companies to reassess how they retain and attract talent. Based on a survey of HR and TA leaders in North America across several key industries, this infographic highlights three opportunities to evolve your talent acquisition strategy and provides vital suggestions to drive impactful results.

Building thoughtful diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs that align with broader talent strategy, encouraging internal mobility, and engaging early talent with business-critical skills are emerging as essential strategies to consider. This research from Cielo and WBR Insights shows these initiatives must work together and receive buy-in from both talent acquisition leaders and the C-suite to be successful long-term. To make the biggest impact on DEI, 44% of HR & TA leaders in North America are focusing on employee retention, followed by learning and development, according to the 2021 study.

Overall, this study demonstrates the importance of having an interconnected and timely talent acquisition strategy. Focusing on internal mobility, early talent acquisition, and developing a more inclusive workplace will ensure your TA strategies keep pace with rapidly changing market and economic conditions.

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