By Jemma Karle, Director – Global Social Media

When it comes to candidate attraction, social media is a winning choice for organizations. Talent uses it to explore job opportunities, discover company culture, and establish connections with recruiters and hiring managers. Taking advantage of these platforms can create a faster, more engaging recruitment process and bring your employer brand into the spotlight.

Is your organization’s talent acquisition strategy keeping up with the evolving world of social media? To gain many potential benefits, you need to know what’s popular now – and what’s to come. Get started with these predicted social media trends in talent acquisition for 2024:

Growing use of AI
AI is already being used to support the recruitment process on social platforms in numerous ways, and this is only expected to continue into 2024. There will be more intelligent talent acquisition tools on the market that scan social platforms to source candidates who match specific criteria, such as skills, experience and location – giving recruiters back valuable time that can be spent on more business-critical tasks. Personalized outreach messages will become easier than ever with quick, auto-generated drafts that recruiters can refine, helping your company form meaningful connections with candidates and making them more likely to engage.

Video still reigns
Video is one big label for a lot of things – animated, live action and more – but the format is being leveraged more than ever and is core to any social media marketing strategy. Videos generate 1,200% more shares than text and images combined, with short-form videos garnering 2.5 times more engagement than long form. With a competitive job market likely continuing, it’s no surprise that video content remains an effective way to showcase your employer brand. Candidates will increasingly seek insight from current employees to understand a workplace’s true culture and environment. By featuring employee stories, testimonials, and day-in-the-life narratives – organizations can boost employee advocacy and authenticity to outshine competitors.

Turning up transparency
Candidates are now regularly using social media to fact check what a company is saying versus what employees are saying. They expect to find clear, accurate information on a company’s roles and benefits – especially around pay. If something doesn’t line up, you may lose the interest of quality talent and even risk damaging your company’s reputation. Improving transparency where possible will help your employer brand stand out from the competition, so top talent chooses – and stays at – your organization.

Captivating Gen Z
Social media, particularly TikTok, has emerged as the go-to source for information about brands for Gen Z – the generation that’ll account for more than 25% of the workforce by 2025. The platform’s visual appeal, coupled with its short-form video content and interactive features, perfectly caters to the preferences of Gen Z. Leveraging paid ads on these visual platforms, in addition to expanding your overall employer branding strategy, will help gain the attention of the growing early career talent pool.

Social media will remain crucial for hiring top talent in 2024.The most successful companies are embracing evolving solutions that boost talent marketing and employer branding. And it makes sense: proactive and adaptive TA strategies are key to keeping up with the ever-changing preferences of candidates.