Reimagine Hourly Hiring

As a talent leader, you know that hiring hourly workers presents unique challenges. There is huge competition for talent, candidate experience is difficult to manage and the hiring is often left to people with many other tasks on their plate.

Cielo’s High Volume RPO solution gives you everything you need to reimagine your hourly hiring process while increasing the quality of your talent. Combining mobile technology and intelligent automation, we help you hire at the volume, speed and scale you need while also delivering a great candidate and hiring-manager experience.

Reimagine your hourly hiring process

Increase the quality of your talent

A New Approach: Prioritizing High Volume and High Quality

Programmatic Advertising

Going beyond simply posting on job boards, programmatic advertising ensures that ads are targeted, spend is optimized and results are achieved to generate the right talent.

Assessment and Matching

Measure candidates against benchmarking data from high-performing current employees and apply machine learning to continually improve the process for matching candidates to open positions.

Interview Self-scheduling

Self-scheduling interviews automates the process, allowing qualified candidates to choose interview times that work for their schedules and align with hiring managers’ pre-set availability.

Nurturing and Communication

Phone calls and reminders keep candidates engaged throughout the process, nudging them to take the next step. These personal touch points ensure maximum engagement but also bolster and protect your employer brand.

Reporting and Insights

Gain instant insights into the quality of candidates and speed of the hiring process. This data helps forecast hiring trends and needs, equipping you to take a proactive approach with predictive analytics.

Cielo’s High Volume RPO Solution offers your business:

1. A technology-first approach
2. A dedicated support team to ensure your ongoing success
3. The ability to scale effectively with your seasonal business needs
4. Artificial intelligence to incorporate science into the selection process
5. Ease of use and time savings for candidates and hiring managers
6. Integration into existing talent acquisition systems
7. Reporting and visibility for senior stakeholders

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