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The communities we live and work in are more diverse than ever – and your workforce should reflect that. A successful diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy will make your organization stronger by building a collaborative environment that attracts candidates and retains employees.


A partnership with Cielo diversity, equity and inclusion consultants equips you with the strategies, training and resources to drive an informed and intentional approach to support your organization’s hiring needs through inclusive talent attraction. We will be there throughout your journey, guiding you every step of the way.

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What we do

DEI affects every stage of talent acquisition – from candidate attraction to new hire engagement to employee retention. We will support you in moving beyond checking boxes to create an all-inclusive, equitable and strategic hiring experience. With our proven expertise, innovative technology, and trusted partners, we can help you:

  • Conduct comprehensive DEI assessments
  • Train your TA team on DEI initiatives
  • Measure & track data across diversity segments
  • Build a lasting & impactful DEI strategy

We start by understanding your organization’s unique DEI journey. Whether you have an existing plan or are starting from scratch, together, we will customize a measurable and effective DEI talent acquisition strategy that aligns to your recruitment and business goals. You will come away with a tailored strategy to help build a diverse workforce primed to engage in an inclusive culture.

What We Do

How we do it

We support you in finding diversified talent using a combination of process, technology and partnerships, which include:

  • Diversity mapping by location
  • Segmented sourcing strategies
  • Job description optimization
  • Resume redaction
  • Diverse job boards & services
  • Competitor analysis
  • Referral strategies & organizational alignments
  • Broader diversity partnership management

How We Do It
Talent strategy & goal setting
Diversity, equity & inclusion

Talent strategy & goal setting

Our end-to-end talent acquisition assessment allows for prescriptive DEI talent strategy building. We will examine if your current hiring process is inclusive and position your organization as an employer of choice to candidates from every background. We will also identify where you are currently on your journey to create a path forward through a detailed gap analysis and provide the best partnerships for talent pipelining.​

Consulting, learning & development
Diversity, equity & inclusion

Consulting, learning & development

From interviewing to informing hiring decisions, we will coach your recruiters and hiring managers on how to be more inclusive as they participate in the recruitment process, which directly impacts retention and sustaining inclusive company cultures. Our experiential learning solutions include DEI certification programs focused on leadership, recruiting, and fundamentals that can be easily worked into employees’ busy schedules and deliver trackable results for managers.

Partnership selection & management
Diversity, equity & inclusion

Partnership selection & management

We leverage partnerships across the globe to make your vision of an inclusive workforce a reality. Based on the skillsets and needs of your company, we will identify the right external partners to further develop, stabilize and measure your talent-related DEI efforts.

Make your diversity, equity & inclusion goals a reality with Cielo’s DEI Consultants.

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