Nurture. It's in our nature.

At Cielo, we’re passionate about people. As the world’s leading Talent Acquisition Partner, we care deeply about nurturing the next generation so they can thrive. We believe in equal opportunity and helping those reach their full potential alongside our trusted clients. And because a healthy environment is essential to achieve this, we’re equally passionate about our planet. With the impact of climate change causing hotter temperatures, extreme storms, wildfires, and loss of human and animal life, we all have a duty of care to the world around us.

Improving the future,
one child at a time.

To continue building a better future for everyone, we’ve teamed up with one of the world’s leading charities to provide much-needed support for children around the world.

Save the Children is a global nonprofit that aims to give children everywhere a strong start in life. Since 1919, the organization has changed the lives of over 1 billion young people around the world, helping them lead happy, healthy and safe lives.

The donation – made in honor of our clients – will support Save the Children’s work worldwide, which includes providing psychological aid, quality education, basic medicines, nourishing meals, and more to children in need.

Save the Children

Our pledge to plant.

As a measure of our commitment to our environment, we’ve teamed up with two of the world’s leading reforestation organizations to plant trees on behalf of our clients.

One Tree Planted is a U.S. nonprofit that has planted over 100 million trees across 80 countries since 2014. In partnership with Cielo, this amazing organization planted 10,000 trees in National Forests across the United States as part of the Million Tree Challenge.

Additionally, in collaboration with the International Tree Foundation, we funded the planting, protection and promotion of trees around the world, with a particular focus on Africa and the United Kingdom.

By supporting these incredible initiatives, we’re conserving wildlife, combating climate change, restoring wildfire sites, and benefiting local communities.


Cielo by name. Cielo by nature.

Our sustainability practices include reducing waste and energy consumption, purchasing recycled and green products, and encouraging employees to use paid time off to volunteer for causes close to their hearts. The decisions we make today will determine a brighter tomorrow. And embracing the environment is essential to a healthier future for everyone. Working together, we can make that happen.

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