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Meet Cielo's AI tool, Cielo Source & Engage

This intelligent automated sourcing tool delivers qualified, interested, and available talent to your recruiting team.

Built by TA tech experts and tested by the world's leading recruiters, it illuminates talent by collecting only the best candidates from leading sourcing tools and assessing them using automation and AI.



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Game-changing automated sourcing tool with AI


Source, match, engage and schedule potential candidates.


Cielo Source & Engage cuts down on administrative tasks for each of these critical recruitment steps


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See Cielo Source & Engage in action

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Recruiter tasks, simplified.

Recruiters only need to create the job ad, keep their interview calendars up-to-date and make meaningful candidate connections.

Integrated insights.

No split screen or multiple tools here. One place for recruiters to tap into market intel, supply & demand, and DEI breakouts.

Simultaneous sourcing.

Access multiple sourcing tools, profile databases and internal talent pools to quickly find and engage qualified talent.

Better experience for all.

Personalized outreach and instant scheduling in an ultra-candidate-centric process that provides details about the job and salary upfront, so we don't waste anybody's time.

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Explore the candidate experience

Be seen & self-screen.

The wait is over. We'll reach out to let them know they're a match for a role. They'll let us know if they're interested.

No hurdles here.

An interactive experience like no other. Candidates will be eager to meet with hiring managers after using this simple, fast (and dare we say fun?) hiring tool.

Information upfront.

Candidates crave transparency. We give them the right amount of details and messaging at the right time.

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Digital Accelerators™ from Cielo

Cielo is creating game-changing HR tech that combines our talent acquisition expertise and service excellence, backed up with human intelligence. Cielo's Digital Accelerators™ is a new service line of intelligent tools that use automation to power better outcomes.

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Let's raise your game. See Cielo Source & Engage in action and see how it is designed to optimize your organization's TA experience – for you and your candidates.

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ISO 27001 Certification

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Cielo is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information assets entrusted to us by our customers, partners and stakeholders. As part of this commitment, we have implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on the ISO 27001 standard certified by MSECB.