By Marissa Geist, CEO

Happy TA Day! I am reflecting a bit on what it means to be in TA today. It’s not like being a frontline doctor; we don’t try cases in court. We’re not researching the mysteries of the universe. Our hands don’t build the next wonder of the world or funnel clean water to communities. But in our own way, we are making a difference.

This work leaves no room for halfway. Don’t come to talent acquisition if you aren’t prepared to deal openly in the conversation of employability. If you think about that, it is probably the closest conversation to human worthiness we can approximate in the workplace.

We face into opportunity, joy, potential and heartbreak, because what we do is truly, utterly human. Not sure that sounds like you? Think for a minute. Have you:

  • found a way to make an interview schedule that has more dependencies and complexities than a quadratic equation work… and then work again, this day is for you.
  • stared down a process that denies access to all talent, broken it, reimagined it and rebuilt it to let talent shine wherever it exists, this day is for you.
  • known there was a better way, taken a chance on a partner, implemented radical change, bet your career and made an impact, this day is for you.
  • consoled a coworker who just told a candidate that the dream job they really hoped for was not theirs to have, this day is for you.
  • been given a target of hiring twice as many people in half the time as has ever been done with all eyes on you, and you rallied a team and did it, this day is for you.
  • found a way to make the 37th phone screen of the day still sound engaging to that person who is all nerves at an interview, this day is for you.
  • heard the heart of an organization and translated it into a story that brings beaming smiles of pride to those that work there, this day is for you.

There’s so much wrapped up in those two seemingly corporate words, “talent acquisition,” that it’s easy to forget what we really do, and what it means to the people we source, hire, work alongside, support and partner.

Thank you to all the TA professionals out there. Over the past three decades, my life’s work has been all about talent, and I am grateful for the journey.

This day is our day.

Want to learn more about Global TA Day? Check out the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals and see how you can join the celebration.