Candidate Experience at Cielo

Every candidate has the power to share their experience with your organization with the world. And many are doing just that. A recent Talent Board survey showed that 33% of candidates said they would actively spread word of a negative experience and encourage others to do the same. 42% also said that a negative recruitment experience would lead them to stop buying from a company. At Cielo, candidate experience is at the heart of all our recruiting efforts. We know how to use the right technology and provide crucial moments of personal interaction to provide an experience that will bolster your employer brand and leave candidates with a positive impression of your organization. Here are some examples of what sets us apart.

Impression Center

You shouldn’t lose any qualified candidates because of hiccups in the application process. Say there’s an excellent nurse who wants to come work for you, but struggles with complicated online applications. Or there’s a scheduling issue that isn’t easily resolved through a few clicks. That’s where Cielo’s Impression Center comes in, providing live, human-to-human interaction to help candidates enjoy a smooth, positive experience with your organization. Whether they are speaking with a future CEO or someone brand new to the workforce, our dedicated team of agents are there to listen.

“The professionalism of the Impression Center, the Talent Acquisition Coordinators and the Recruiters, and what they do for our candidate experience, is invaluable.” – Corry Ioli, Executive Director of Talent Management and Talent Acquisition, Boehringer Ingelheim

Cielo’s Impression Center is nothing like a call center

It's a care center

The Definitive Guide to Candidate Experience

Bridge Pre-Employment Team

Recruitment doesn’t stop after an offer is accepted. Your new employee should have a smooth transition and be excited to join your organization on day one. With Cielo’s Bridge Pre-employment Team handling many of the details – including reference checks, background checks, drug screens and more – your new hires will have an amazing, high-touch experience before they even walk through your doors.

“Cielo takes care of things like background checking, compliance, prescreening, and onboarding, allowing us to make better use of our internal resources. This liberates us to deliver a quality employment experience improving our talent retention.” – Rob Croner, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Cielo's Bridge Team becomes an extension of your talent acquisition function

Ensuring each of your new hires is excited to join your organization


While some RPO providers think more like outsourcers than recruiters, we become an extension of our clients’ talent acquisition function by immersing ourselves in their industry, brand and values, and by being accountable for driving real business results. Or as we like to say, WE BECOME YOU.

Our total-immersion approach guides each of our partnerships

We make sure every interaction enhances your employer brand