Hello from the Brand Team

Brand Team

A dedicated practice within Cielo’s talent acquisition and talent management business, we are a team of globally experienced consultants, strategists, insight-generators, storytellers, brand-developers, designers, website builders, social media and engagement experts, and award-winning professionals.

We work with senior client teams around the world to develop employer brand and communication strategies that are globally consistent, locally relevant, sustainable and successful. With careers spanning agency and in-house roles, we draw on disciplines across B2B and B2C. This gives us a deep understanding of not just employer brand practices, but consumer and corporate brands, which means we bring a truly holistic understanding of business and are able to engage with C-suite stakeholders.

You will find us committed, friendly, approachable, flexible, straight-talking, willing to go the extra mile, willing to challenge you when it is in your best interest, generous with our knowledge and expertise, focused on creating value and proud to make a measurable difference. 

Learn more about what we do, how we work, view a portfolio of our recent work or join us!.