Strategic, Creative and Digital Solutions to Your Talent Challenges

What does the Brand, Digital and Communications practice do?

Put simply, it is all about generating more love for your employer brand, and driving better attraction, retention and productivity. Our team of Employer Brand and Marketing experts help you to meet your talent agenda needs through:

  • Research and Insight Generation – understand your target audience, what they are looking for in a prospective employer and how to reach them where they are.
  • Employer Branding and Employee Value Propositions (EVP) – ensure you have a compelling, credible message to market.
  • Attraction and Recruitment Marketing – communicate with your target group using targeted messages, creative campaigns, be part of the conversation on social media.
  • Online Candidate Experience – optimize your careers website and refine your digital presence to reflect your employer brand and an on-brand candidate experience.
  • Employee Engagement – engage your employee population as advocates in the promotion of your employer brand.

Talent Brand has a Significant Impact

We deliver our employer brand solutions both integrated into Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partnerships and as standalone talent consulting projects. Delivered by marketing and communications experts with experience in both corporate and consumer branding, as well as talent acquisition and engagement, our team members have built their careers within talent and corporate marketing agencies, in-house attraction functions and outsourcing providers.

Learn more about how we work, who we are, view a portfolio of our recent work or contact us to chat about your needs.