Delivering the Blueprint for 21st Century Talent Strategy

Cielo takes a bold approach to traditional consulting by moving away from being an advisory service at premium rates, and instead is focused on delivering demonstrable business value.

Business leaders are changing their focus from cost to growth. This strategic change comes with the reality that long-term growth is impossible without the sustainable advantage of superior talent. Cielo’s Change & Innovation Practice architects solutions that unlock sustainable business performance through stronger leadership, better global supply chains and quantifiable talent strategies.

Offered both in conjunction with and stand-alone from Cielo’s core Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services, the Change and Innovation Practice focuses on five key areas where we offer deep domain expertise:

  • Talent Strategy & Workforce Planning: Knowing the talent you have, the skills you will need, what the market has available propels your organization ahead of the competition. We plan for today with an eye on the future, keeping you proactive and prepared.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: We empower your organization through cutting-edge strategies that ensure your current and future workforce reflects the globalized and empowered 21st century business environment.
  • Employer Brand: From defining what’s unique about your organization to creating richer relationships with your employees, candidates and customers, Cielo’s Employer Brand Practice is dedicated to developing brands that are authentic and inspiring.
  • Workforce Analytics: We demystify HR’s “big data,” organizing volumes of spreadsheets and statistics into actionable insights and data-based business decisions.
  • Leadership & Talent Programs: We tap into fresh and existing talent markets to connect with individuals who may have the skills, personalities and potential your organization needs to rise above.

We have the industry-specific expertise, extensive experience as well as the global and local reach to resolve every resourcing challenge. Unlike traditional consultants, our experts design and deliver.

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