Pinstripe Receives 2013 CareerBuilder Excellence in Applicant Experience Award

BROOKFIELD, WI – February 21, 2013 – CareerBuilder recently recognized Pinstripe, Inc. for Excellence in Applicant Experience and its understanding that every interaction with job candidates provided on behalf of its clients counts.

“[Pinstripe] know[s] that treating candidates well is more than just about trying to recruit new hires (although that’s a large part of it); they also understand that creating a positive experience for job candidates can effect [sic] the company’s employment brand as well as its consumer brand (not to mention its ability to recruit future candidates),” wrote CareerBuilder representative Mary Lorenz.

In a 2012 study spanning 10 months, CareerBuilder tracked the opinions of more than 1 million job candidates who applied for positions at more than 1,000 companies. The study was created to identify best-of-breed practices in engaging and interacting with job candidates and enable other companies to see how their own programs stack up.

“Our approach to the candidate experience is very strategic, and it’s not by chance. We’re a service company first. What you see in our results is a very hardwired and designed approach to how we do the work we do for all our clients,” shared Erin Lange, executive vice president of operations excellence and innovation for Pinstripe, in an interview with CareerBuilder. “We put an outside-in approach to the candidate experience and say, ‘If I’m a really tough candidate, I need to have action, I need to be responded to quickly. Otherwise, I’m going to move on.’”

Also recognized alongside Pinstripe were Shell Oil Company, MB Financial Bank and Baptist Memorial Health Care for excellence in providing a consistently exceptional candidate experience across their organizations. Companies were evaluated based on timeliness of response to applications and follow through, candidates’ assessment of how knowledgeable the company’s recruiters are, and how well they represented the company brand, and whether candidates would recommend the company or apply again, among other factors.

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