Cielo TalentCloud Affirms Cielo's Position as the #1 Tech-Enabled RPO

BROOKFIELD, WI – July 11, 2017 – Cielo (formerly Pinstripe), the world’s leading strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, continues its competitive strength as the most technology-enabled provider with the launch of Cielo TalentCloud, a suite of technologies that allow recruitment teams to work smarter, not just harder, while improving the candidate, hiring manager and talent acquisition team experience.

“Since launching the first enterprise-wide technology platform in 2008, Cielo has been recognized for being first-to-market with innovations that transform the recruitment profession and industry. We have only accelerated that momentum by recently dedicating additional resources to our technology and innovation practices. Investments in the last 18 months include: launching and adopting the RPO industry’s only global CRM platform, quadrupling the size of our technology team, tripling the size of our employer brand and social media team, launching a specialty sourcing and talent attraction team, and hiring more than two dozen data scientists and analysts,” said Sue Marks, Cielo’s Founder and CEO.

“Some people may think that reads as an over-investment in people at a time when the buzzwords like ‘artificial intelligence,’ ‘cognitive’ and ‘robotic process automation’ all imply a human-less future,” Marks continued. “At Cielo, we think that technology is only as valuable as the human experience it improves. To future-proof our clients’ organizations, we will continue to invest in both the right technology and the right people who will help us identify and implement intelligent automation and other innovations that improve the lives of our candidates, hiring managers, talent partners and recruitment teams.”

Cielo TalentCloud is composed of SkyRecruit, Cielo’s exclusive Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platform for candidate attraction, sourcing and engagement, SkyAnalytics, Cielo’s approach to data-driven decision making, and SkyLabs, Cielo’s innovation engine.



SkyRecruit is Cielo’s exclusive CRM platform that its talent acquisition teams use every day to attract, engage and motivate candidates to become a client’s next great hire. SkyRecruit intelligently automates appropriate elements of the talent acquisition process, helping recruiters create a better candidate experience by giving them more time for essential tasks like craft sourcing and relationship building. Fully integrated features of SkyRecruit include: automated sourcing, segmented recruitment marketing and candidate nurturing, interview self-scheduling, video interviewing, employee referrals, hiring event management and pre-employment compliance. Built in partnership with HR technology leader Yello, SkyRecruit is the only truly global platform in the RPO industry, ensuring a single experience for multinational clients.

“To gain a competitive advantage through talent, your employer value proposition, recruitment marketing and job opportunities must be accessible, and, more importantly, actively promoted to pools of the best candidates available,” said Vice President of Technology Solutions Adam Godson. “SkyRecruit provides the most advanced and recruiter-friendly tools for targeting, nurturing and engaging top talent.”

SkyAnalytics is Cielo’s solution-integrated service that enables data-driven decision making. Customized to each client program’s specifications, SkyAnalytics provides complete, on-demand transparency to team performance data and results, benchmarking, business intelligence and predictive analytics. Built on the cloud-based Birst platform and fully integrated with SkyRecruit, SkyAnalytics allows for permissions-based, interactive client access through dedicated portals and email notifications for SLA triggers and report availability. SkyAnalytics provides a deeper level of support through the Analytics Team, which is made up of 30 data scientists and analysts who work alongside our recruitment teams to provide prescriptive and actionable insights from market and internal data sources, and to create Talent Intelligence reports specific to how to attract, engage, hire and retain the best talent for our clients’ most critical roles.

“All client data, irrespective of its source, is visible on one platform. But rather than Cielo presenting a plethora of graphs in a single view, bombarding the client with too much information, it has had a re-think. Cielo now only presents the key measures that are important to a client, yet has built more depth into the analytics, so that a client can drill down into those key measures,” wrote Nikki Edwards, NelsonHall Analyst, after receiving a demonstration of Cielo’s SkyAnalytics capabilities.

SkyLabs is Cielo’s innovation engine. Both a physical space dedicated to exploration and a methodology rooted in Design Thinking, SkyLabs allows Cielo to test and pilot new and emerging technologies, tools and processes to understand how they could (or would not) help clients reach their strategic goals. Cielo takes inspiration from consumer technologies to bring world-class talent experiences to Cielo’s clients. SkyLabs applies a framework toward problem solving to ensure that ideas, technologies and processes stand up to our clients’ rigorous expectations.

“We have a three-year innovation roadmap that highlights the development path for each Cielo TalentCloud component. SkyAnalytics and SkyRecruit feature roadmap milestones that will extend each with new features, products and enhancements that expand Cielo’s technology leadership position. SkyLabs features our examination and application of completely new technologies to recruiting. The technology landscape is changing faster than ever before, and we are constantly evaluating new ideas,” continued Godson. “Some of the innovations SkyLabs is experimenting with today revolve around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual & Augmented Realities, and various types of automation. The team is trying to answer how interfaces like Alexa, Amazon Dash or Siri can help a talent leader better run their department.”

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Cielo is the world’s leading strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner. Under its WE BECOME YOU™ philosophy, Cielo’s dedicated recruitment teams primarily serve clients in the financial and business services, consumer brands, technology and media, engineering, life sciences and healthcare industries. Cielo’s global presence includes 2,000 employees, serving 143 clients across 91 countries in 33 languages. The industry has verified Cielo’s reputation for executing innovative solutions that provide business impact through numerous awards and recognitions, including its annual top three leadership position on the HRO Today RPO Baker’s Dozen listing, PEAK Matrix Leader placement by Everest Group and Industry Leader designation by NelsonHall. Cielo knows talent is rising – and with it, an organization's opportunity to rise above. For more information, visit