A Public Statement from Sue Marks, Cielo Founder and CEO

“It was with a heavy heart that on July 14 I had to inform Cielo’s employees around the world that our colleague, friend and mentor Erin Lange lost her battle with cancer. Erin leaves a legacy of passion for our customers, an inclusive leadership style and a drive for constant innovation within Cielo that is forever woven into the tapestry of our culture. She inspired our best, and we remain committed to that high bar.”

Erin Lange

An excerpt from Sue’s communication to employees:

A mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend first, Erin loved this company, loved working with all of you and was so proud of all we accomplished together.

As I was with her over the weekend, she wrote to all of you, “I have strong trust in our team – you are all exceptional professionals and leaders and I know you’ll continue to deliver on our operating goals.” Those of you who know Erin well will know that those really were her exact words, and that she checked it off her list as I saved it on my desktop!

I am confident that Erin would encourage us to take the time to feel our sadness. She’d also tell us to be reflective and prioritize our lives, tell those most dear to us that we love and appreciate them and then to continue to take on life’s challenges with passion and a constant pursuit of excellence.