You have market-changing technology and you’re ready to grow. Cielo has the capabilities to hire the talent you need.

Nothing much happens in any business – anywhere in the world – without technology. And nothing much happens in technology without the right STEM talent to keep it going.

The challenge is that STEM talent, which has always been in short supply, is only getting harder to come by. With traditional and untraditional companies now targeting the same talent groups, it takes something special to stand out.

At Cielo, the something special we offer is a blended high-tech and high-touch candidate experience that is second to none.
We understand tech talent, and spend the necessary time attracting individual candidates, not mass audiences. Our recruiters have the skills to sell your organization to top talent. Partnering with Cielo, you get a dedicated recruitment team that understands sometimes the motivation is salary, other times it is flexibility, and often it is the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something new.

Your recruitment team will be powered by SkyRecruit, Cielo’s exclusive technology platform, that enables them to proactively engage with top STEM candidates on the digital platforms or devices they use most.

We know that to get the top tech talent, you have to seek them out and keep them engaged. That puts a premium on making sure your employer brand is attractive to the right audience. From the minute we start our partnership, we become champions for your brand, building it into a competitive advantage that will help you win the right talent.

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