Cielo Healthcare delivers the transformative results you need, when you need them, to reach your HR and organizational goals.

Healthcare delivery is rapidly evolving and immense pressures have forced providers to restructure their workforce, reduce costs and elevate quality of care.

Healthcare Measurable Increase In Quality

Cielo Healthcare is well-positioned to serve as the recruitment function for organizations seeking:

  • A proactive solution, not short term fix
  • To accelerate change and increase focus on strategic HR priorities
  • To gain access to talent acquisition expertise, including metrics and benchmarks
  • Consistent process and systems enables organization compete across the market
  • To improve the candidate, new hire and hiring manager experiences
  • To develop ongoing metrics and service standards tied to business performance
  • To define and enhance the organization’s employee value proposition
  • To onboard quality hires faster

In response to these needs from our clients, Cielo Healthcare has developed partnership models that deliver:

  • Strategic guidance that enables you to drive value, quality and talent proficiency organization-wide
  • True consultation to enable evidence-based decisions, forecasting, leadership development and strategic workforce planning
  • A tailored, candidate-centric and compliant hiring process provides unparalleled candidate experience
  • Scalable, best-in-class recruitment solutions for all clinical and non-clinical healthcare positions, including nursing recruitment and physician recruitment, customized to meet your organization’s needs
  • An exclusive technology platform provides the latest innovations in sourcing, candidate engagement and talent community building

Cielo Healthcare clients achieve optimized patient care scores and measurable gains, including:

  • 96% 90-day retention rate average
  • 96% new hire satisfaction
  • 49% average increase in hiring manager satisfaction
  • 30% average reduction in cost-per-vacancy
  • 21% average reduction in time-to-fill
  • Measurable increase in talent quality
  • Sizable reduction in staffing and contingent labor costs

View our Case Studies to learn more about how a Cielo Healthcare partnership helps our clients to rise above. Or, request to speak with one of our healthcare experts about our experience delivering the results your organization needs to rise above.