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The Financial & Business Services industries face myriad challenges these days – heightened regulatory pressures, security concerns, evolving technology landscape and cost-constraints, just to name a few. The best path to success lies in finding those bright, innovative minds who will help your organization overcome them. Not having the right talent has a devastating effect, as evidenced by a recent PwC survey which found that about 25% of CEOs reported having to cancel or delay a key strategic initiative because of a lack of talent. 40% of those CEOs also said they believe hiring the right people is only going to get harder.

It is clear that traditional candidate attraction, engagement and retention methods are no longer enough.
Cielo’s recruiters are experts. We know high-volume recruiting, complex, niche-skill recruiting and advanced sourcing and screening. We tailor each candidate and hiring manager experience to the needs of individuals in banking, insurance, wealth management, procurement, real estate and other areas of Financial & Business Services.

Partnering with Cielo means gaining a team of dedicated recruiters with financial industry expertise that match your organization’s culture. Communication is the cornerstone of the relationship, and from day one you will benefit from Cielo’s complete transparency to team performance, strategy and results. Hiring managers will know the progress that recruiters are making with open requisitions, talent acquisition leaders will stay up-to-date on program performance, and you will feel confident briefing your CEO on the most critical data at a moment’s notice.

We serve clients across the Financial & Business Services industries, offering the following services:


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