Working with our clients to overcome production demands and tightening margins.

Highly technical skills of all kinds are in high demand, with the number of open positions vastly outmatching the available workforce. Imbalanced salary expectations and a lack of recruiters with specialized experience also contribute to longer time-to-fill. In many cases, all these challenges become insurmountable for an under-resourced internal talent acquisition team.

With Cielo, you gain a partner who will transform your recruitment process and get results that last. Instead of an agency to manage, you will have a true partner to strategize with, gaining a dedicated team of recruiters who know the industry and speak the language. This expertise allows us to deliver high-quality candidate and hiring manager experiences tailored to the specific needs of highly skilled engineers and advanced manufacturing talent.

Hiring agencies can be needlessly expensive and ineffective over time, but a long-term, strategic partnership with Cielo will help you develop a recruitment strategy that works for you now and into the future. You will have experts to turn to for advice, up-to-date information that is accessible at a moment’s notice, and the ability to deliver critical metrics and insights to your stakeholders to inform business decisions.

We serve clients across a wide array of Engineering specialties, offering the following services:

Change is never easy, we get that. But sometimes the cost of staying the course is just too high. Let us help.