To build a world-class Consumer Brand, you need a world-class employer brand.


Your consumer brand and employer brand go hand in hand, because your candidates are also your customers.

A recent survey revealed that a startling 42% of candidates said a negative recruitment experience would lead them to stop buying from that company. And 33% said they would actively spread the negativity, and tell others to do the same. The takeaway is: not only will a negative candidate experience hurt your organization’s chance at landing top talent, it will also hurt your bottom line.

At Cielo, we take a brand-centric approach to recruitment, crafting hiring experiences that set your organization apart. A dedicated recruitment team from Cielo builds your brand through clear, timely communication with candidates throughout the hiring process, whether they are considered for a position or not. We find the right people for your organization and make sure no one falls through the cracks due to something as simple as a missed email or a complicated online application.

A partnership with Cielo means transforming your approach to talent acquisition, giving you the recruiters, technology and expertise you need to succeed as a customer brand – today, and long into the future.

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