ZipRecruiter: Is Your Company Brand Keeping Top Candidates Away?

Andy Curlewis, Cielo’s SVP of Brand, Digital and Communications, offered his expert opinion on Employer Brand in a new piece featured on ZipRecuiter: “Is Your Company Brand Keeping Top Candidates Away?” by Matt Krumrie. In the article, Andy shares the top five traits of a strong employer brand, and explains why organizations with the most impact tend to be the most authentic.

Excerpts From the Article:

“Having a strong employer brand – backed by a powerful, authentic employee value proposition, is not only how you remain top-of-mind but also how you win, retain and inspire your unfair share of today’s top talent, says Andy Curlewis, Senior Vice President of the Employer Brand Practice for Cielo, a global recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and talent consulting firm.”

“’The career site is one of the first places candidates go to research your business,’ adds Curlewis. ‘Unfortunately, the information is often too generic to inspire candidates and help them make an informed decision. By not targeting your messaging here, you risk losing quality candidates to competitors.’”

“In addition, organizations must be honest and authentic in their messaging to candidates. If you sell people on one vision but deliver something different, it will harm your brand and send talent running in another direction, says Curlewis.”

“’Play to people’s aspirations as well as their needs,’ says Curlewis. ‘In employment terms, it is about wanting to work with people who are smart, collaborative, trustworthy and fun to team up with – people who can make our daily work life enjoyable, and who can help us learn and grow’”

“Happy employees can be your brand’s best cheerleaders by promoting and celebrating how you conduct business and treat employees, adds Feine. Likewise, unhappy employees can take to social channels and voice negative opinions about compensation, how they are treated on the job and more, which can deteriorate a brand’s image and severely impact your abilities to recruit top talent.”

You can read the full article on “Is Your Company Brand Keeping Top Candidates Away?