Workforce: Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Find on the Mind

Cielo, the global Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Talent Consulting expert, was recently featured on Workforce online in a special report entitled, “Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Find on the Mind.” This article tracks RPO’s evolution from quick and cheap fixers to strategic partners valued for their ability to uncover the hard-to-find talent for niche roles. In today’s world, RPO is “moving up the value chain” to become trusted advisors and agile responders.

Excerpts from the article:

RPOs Go Global

The growing demand for hard-to-find skill sets, coupled with the looming talent crisis, has been a boon for RPO industry leaders who were able to transition themselves from being transactional, low-cost providers to strategic HR partners — though it left other RPO providers in the dust. The shift in what customers want from their RPO providers has caused a dramatic change in the industry makeup over the past five years, with former leaders like Adecco and Aon RPO dropping off industry top 10 lists, while new players like Seven Step RPO and Cielo (formerly Pinstripe & Ochre House) have risen to the top.

There have also been several mergers and acquisitions in the past few years, many of which include international pairing in an effort for RPOs to create an instant global footprint. U.S. firm Pinstripe Inc., for example, merged with British company Ochre House in July 2013 to form Cielo, and the U.S.-based Wilson Human Capital Group’s merged with CPH in the U.K. to expand internationally.

Many of the top RPO providers — such as Alexander Mann Solutions, Cielo and Randstad Sourceright — now have a presence or partnerships in regions around the world, giving clients the option to use one vendor for all of their recruiting needs; others are partnering with key clients to open offices in support of their specific expansion goals.


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