Workforce Management: Special Report on RPO: An Improving Economy, In-House Recruiting Cuts Are Driving Demand

Pinstripe CEO, Sue Marks, and client partner from Agilent Technologies, Nury Plumley, were profiled in the July edition of Workforce Management magazine, a Special Report on Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Excerpts from the article: 

While the great recession devastated many recruiting departments, it sowed the seeds for another field to flourish, with RPO providers reaping growth of more than 25 percent in revenue last year.

"Recruiting used to be post and pray," says Sue Marks, CEO of Pinstripe Inc. These days, "it's hard for a corporate recruiting department to keep up with everything."

The methods for recruiting can vary as much as the generations currently in the workforce. Marks says baby boomers may be more inclined to pick up the telephone, while millennials may prefer texts and videos. Recruiters need to be prepared to "interact with people any time, anywhere, any way."

At Pinstripe, an RPO service provider, dedicated teams are established to operate under a client's brand. Team members typically have experience in that particular industry. "We become our clients' brand stewards," Marks says.

Nury Plumley, global staffing programs manager at Agilent Technologies Inc., says Pinstripe has helped the company hire more than 1,400 new employees in the United States and Canada in the past three years. The jobs they've helped fill have ranged from hourly workers to vice presidents.

The company was attracted to using RPOs, Plumley says, because of the "scalability of the recruitment function and the variability of the costs."

Pinstripe may be involved in talking to the hiring manager to determine what skills and qualities candidates need for the job opening, identifying potential candidates, scheduling phone screenings, or helping management select the best person for the job.

Plumley says Pinstripe brings expertise and resources to the table that Agilent doesn't have in-house, and Agilent can tap into the knowledge Pinstripe employees have developed from working with other companies.

And with Pinstripe available to locate candidates in the United States and Canada, it frees Plumley up to find candidates in other fast-growing markets. In Brazil, for example, Agilent has about three dozen openings at any given time.


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