Workforce Management: RPO Is On the Go

Pinstripe & Ochre House and CEO, Sue Marks, were featured in the February edition of Workforce Management magazine. Workforce Management named Pinstripe & Ochre House to its Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Providers Hot List, commending the provider’s ability to supply a blended workforce solution and the number of current end-to-end recruitment partnerships, among other factors. Sue was featured in the accompanying editorial.

The article, RPO Is On the Go, attributes growth of talent partnerships to the recovering economy, the rise of social media and mobile technologies, and ultimately the “evolution” of RPO providers. As Sue explains, Pinstripe & Ochre House’s industry-specific model provides a greater understanding of each industry, as well as the capability to engage candidates on a deeper level than generalist recruiters.

Excerpts from the article:

On social media and mobile technologies:
Sue Marks, CEO of Pinstripe & Ochre House, a global RPO and strategic talent management provider based in Milwaukee, said technological advances resemble marketing and advertising because of how complicated it has become to sell positions to busy job candidates.

“It’s not just about having a firm help you post jobs on Twitter; it is much more complex. It is much more like a highly technical advertising and marketing program now, Marks said. “You know, it’s quite easy to find almost everybody, but how do you really engage them? Over time, that’s how you recruit the best candidates.”

On sector specialization:
Industry experts say some RPO firms have started specializing in recruiting for certain sectors of the economy … Pinstripe & Ochre House, for instance, focuses on services in addition to the healthcare and manufacturing technology industries, which are two sectors that have been growing rapidly in the United States.

 “With health reform, everybody is in a state of flux right now. But there are significant pockets of high demand and low supply in all of the healthcare professions, whether it’s nursing, therapies, radiology—all the way up to physicians,” Marks said.

While there may be high demand but low supply in the healthcare industry, specializing in that field, in part, allows Pinstripe & Ochre House to be more successful at finding qualified candidates, Marks said. By having a greater understanding of the industry, recruiters are more likely to engage a job candidate on a higher level than a recruiter who is more of a generalist.

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