Workforce Magazine: RPO World Keeps on Turning

Angela Hills, Cielo’s Executive Vice President, Managing Director, was quoted in a recent piece in Workforce Magazine. The article, “RPO World Keeps on Turning,” covers the current state of RPO providers and what client organizations expect from them going forward. This article was featured alongside Workforce Magazine’s Hot List of Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers, in which Cielo was recognized as a global leader.

Excerpts from the article:

“’As our analytics capabilities mature, it is creating incredible transparency,’ said Angela Hills, executive vice president and managing director of the RPO Cielo. ‘It’s allowing us to deepen our partnerships and focus more strategically on the future.’”

“’You need centers of excellence in all of these regions to prove to clients that you have global expertise and that you can integrate their global needs into your business model.’ Cielo’s Hills agreed. ‘You have to understand the local market, the culture and the legal environment to do well in these markets,’ she said. ‘You can’t achieve that through offshoring.’”

“And while companies are drawn to the idea of talent communities, branding and predictive analytics, they still expect a transactional payment model. ‘They like the idea of investing in the future, but they want to pay per hire,’ Hills said. ‘It is a disconnect that requires more education.’”

You can read the full article here: “RPO World Keeps on Turning.”