Workforce Magazine: RPO Customers Want More of Everything

More companies – big and small – are enjoying the benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing. The industry has steadily grown over the years and is now a standard part of strategic recruiting for many organizations.

What has grown alongside the amount of customers using RPO is the scope of services they are demanding. Features that once were considered differentiators are now simply expected.

Workforce Magazine details this rising challenge facing RPO companies as they seek to deliver more services without sacrificing efficiency. The article talks about technology’s large role in increasing what RPO companies can offer now and in the future, and about how there has been a major emphasis on branding. There is also a helpful list of eight top RPO companies – including Cielo – outlining their size and the breadth of their services.

Excerpt from the article:

RPO vendors [have] seen their businesses steadily grow. But [that] has also put them on the hook to provide an increasingly sophisticated set of tools and services to keep these clients engaged.

Today’s RPO customers want their vendors to do more than just fill seats … They are looking to them to build their employment brand, increase passive candidate engagement and improve personalization in the application process without losing efficiency.

Learn more about what RPO companies are doing to meet the rising demand of what customers want – and what new services might be coming – in Workforce’s “RPO Customers: We Want More of Everything.”