Workforce Magazine: Hot List of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Providers

Cielo was recognized as a global leader in Workforce Magazine’s 2016 Hot List of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Providers.

With more than 130,000 positions filled annually and 130 end-to-end RPO clients, Cielo ranks among the largest Recruitment Process Outsourcing firms in the world. Our clients operate in industries including Healthcare, Life Sciences, Financial & Business Services, Engineering, Technology & Media and Consumer Brands.

Cielo has appeared on Workforce’s Hot List in previous years as “Pinstripe and Ochre House.” Pinstripe and Ochre House joined forces in 2013 to become Cielo.

Workforce Magazine is a multimedia publication that covers the intersection of people management and business strategy. It aims to help HR professionals approach their jobs from a more strategic, big-picture, business-results perspective.

You can view the full RPO Hot List and an accompanying article with quotes from Cielo’s Executive Vice President, Managing Director here: “RPO World Keeps on Turning.”